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Workstation Laptops

Higher-performance workstations that can be expanded to meet your needs.

PC / Desktop

Professional desktop computers expandable according to use.

Apple products

iMac, Macbook, Mac mini, iPad and more.


Professional monitors from leading brands.

Exclusive after-sales service

Call us! We will advise you on the equipment that adapts to your rhythm and way of working.

“I bought the equipment this summer and the price is unbeatable for the quality they offer, the treatment is attentive and they are fast.”

Roberto Nunez

“We bought 4 pieces of equipment for our company! The equipment is as good as new, you can’t even tell it’s reconditioned. The price is unbeatable, for the price of the 4 devices I would not have bought even 2 in a conventional shop. But above all, they were able to explain your needs and offer you the equipment adjusted to what you need. I also placed the order and in 48 hours we had it! I was very happy. Of course, if I need other equipment I will not hesitate to go to them!

Leticia Gonzalez Garcia

“Impressive display of work and refurbished equipment for home and business users. Good advice and good service. A must-have when purchasing computer equipment.”

Roberto Sánchez

Smart Dragon is the smart IT equipment solution

Discover hundreds of professional equipment from the top brands on the market.

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