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We offer a professional and reconditioned computer service for your company, we advise you on the purchase. The purchase of a reconditioned computer is an "ecological" solution for your professional needs, with the best quality/price ratio on the market



Distribution of computer equipment throughout the world.

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Do you want to upgrade your IT infrastructure? We offer customized solutions that fit your needs.


We buy and sell computer equipment all over the world.

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The computer equipment we sell is reconditioned equipment that has been tested, repaired and left in the best condition.


Secure deletion of data from our devices to comply with corporate security

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We use industry approved data erasure software to ensure the privacy and security of our customers and their data. Complying with the current data protection regulations of our customers.

Why buy refurbished computer equipment?

At SmartDragon we care about the environment, so all the computer equipment we sell, we give it a second chance and put it back on the market by going through an exhaustive quality process.
The production of a laptop consumes an enormous amount of energy, raw materials, greenhouse gases and chemicals.
Reuse and Recycle

Reuse and Recycle

While recycling is an excellent practice that has proven to help our environment, reuse is exponentially more effective.

En SARTDRAGON, nos centramos en la re-utilización de equipos informáticos perfectamente funcionales y potentes.



Increase in 3 years of life to a computer, greatly reduces the environmental impact produced by electronic components, in this way from SMARTDRAGON contribute to a more sustainable world.
Save on Resources

Save on Resources

70% of the energy used by a laptop in its life is consumed during production, not during consumer use.

The manufacture of computer equipment requires 250Kg of fossil fuel, 1000L of water and emits about 270Kg of CO2.

Large quantities of rare earth metals are used in the production of electronic components, most of which have a limited supply.


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Smart Dragon is a company specialized in buying and selling reconditioned equipment. From our warehouse in Veguellina de Orbigo, we distribute to all our customers anywhere in the world. All our equipment goes through a process of testing and repair to meet all specifications as if they were new.


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